Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visiting the ski slopes of Auli in 2009-A different experience

I have divided this photo blog into four parts

1. The mountain and the snow
2. The Flora
3. The treks
4. The destruction

The mountain and the snow

When you reach the lap of Nanda Devi, height 25,643 feet and second only to the Everest, you are overwhelmed.

Nanda Devi Peak

The nearest mountain ranges of Dronagiri seem bare, stripped of snow, in the peak of winter.


The Brahmkamal peak with spikes resembling the actual flower is an instant hit.

Brahmakamal Range

So is Hathi Ghoda Palki with the glaciers clearly visible. But we came here to see and feel snow. Where are the snowflakes? On 24 February, it snowed for nearly fifteen minutes. Our new friend from the hotel wrote in her diary

" Snowflakes-some slow, some fast, some feisty doing a jig before succumbing to gravity...."

Honeymooning couples danced on the terrace in the snow

Sunrise on Nanda Devi-a picture I laboured to get right on a cold morning at 6.30 am

Sunrise at Nanda Devi


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Anonymous said...

Wow, such majestic Mountains. I have only been as high as 14,000 feet. It must have been amazing to take in such beautiful views.