Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visiting the ski slopes of Auli - The Destruction

The destruction

Golden Oak Trees marked for felling

Just completed! Swimming pool for storing water which will be turned to ice and then sprayed over the slopes.

The ski slope and swimming pool for snow in perspective

Bull dozers and men at work

Dislodging grass and bushes which held together the mountain slopes for years

Army training camp

A very cryptic message!


IndianWildlifeClub said...

I just happened to read "Kullu Gods Pvt Ltd" an article which appears in the April issue of "Outlook".
The Himalayan Ski Village Project
· $300-million mountain resort and ski village, over 133 acres in Kulu Valley
· Said to be country's largest FDI-promoted tourism project
· Plans 130 chalets, 485-suite condo, several luxury hotels and other facilities
· Also plans major temple dedicated to promoting Hindutva
· HSV MD John Sims is leading figure in ISKCON movement in India
Read the full article at

workhard said...

That is so sad.. they marked trees for cutting down.. those wd have taken more than 20 years to grow..