Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Online Environmental Courses

Online Environmental Courses from India 

The Leadership Course in Biodiversity Conservation is a one year Certificate Program with online and face to face activities interwoven through the course work. The course content is developed by subject matter experts  from Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS).
 The second one year program being offered is the Basic Entomology Course.

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• There are 8 day-trips planned throughout the year. Students are expected to attend 5 trips on compulsorily basis to receive full grades.
 • There are 5 camps organized throughout the year. Out of five camps Students are expected to attend 3 camps on compulsorily basis to receive full grades.
 • Final Project: The outcome of the course experience is to study local biodiversity.

This is a yearlong project and there are deliverables every month.

What is the course fee structure? 

The tuition fee is Rs.10,102/-for the Leadership Course.
 The tuition fee for the entomology course is Rs 7854/-
 IWC members get a discount of 5% and will need to pay Rs 9597/- and rs7461/-only.

Who is managing this course? 

The Conservation Education Center of BNHS is managing this course. Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi, General Manager is the Course Co-ordinator, Ms. Priti Choghale, Senior Education Officer is the Course Executive. The course will be run with help of the SMEs within and outside BNHS.