Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Season of Blues

The Jacaranda tree is in full bloom with blue -violet flowers

Spring is here in Gurgaon with cool mornings and evenings. What we call, beautiful weather. When spring comes with a tinge of cold, rather than an abrupt change from cold to hot, the colours are vivid and rare beauties bloom.

The above flower is called bachelor button and it is mostly blue in colour.

More bachelor buttons among pink flocks

The iris lily forgot to bloom last year as the summer came swift and strong. But this year one eagerly awaited the blooms hiding inside wrinkled leaves of the lily.

Young Iris bloom

Full bloom Iris Lily

But the highlight of the early spring is always the appearance of Common jay butterfly, that streak of blue in flight, but whose underside blends well with the surroundings, with hardly a hint of blue.

Common Jay resting on the kitchen garden hedge.

Common Jay in flight

The Blue pansy also appears sucking in wet mud and taking a break on the Ashoka leaves

The crowning glory of the season this year, was of course our own blue cricket team who lifted the world cup after 28 years!