Monday, June 18, 2007

Tale of a peahen

Tale of a peahen

It is that time of the year when peahens lay their eggs and incubate them for about 29 days before the eggs hatch. The little chicks are timed to come out just as the monsoon arrives in North India.

As if to prove what great adapters they are, the peahens in Delhi’s Lodi Park, finding the Lodi lawns lacking the privacy and security needed for eggs, started looking around for safe perches. The nearest large green space happened to be the India International Center (IIC) Lawns! But here again the lawns are manicured and tended to by the ‘Malis’ all the time. So, where next?

Fly right onto the ledges provided on each floor of IIC for keeping a pot of green ferns.

Lay the eggs one by one and incubate them.

The ledge happened to be next to the dining hall of IIC. But the peahen was lucky. The waiters at the dining hall ensured that the curtains were drawn all the time so that curious diners did not distract the peahen.

The nature group at IIC were informed. Rajesh Bedi ( of Bedi Bros ) installed a close circuit TV in the dining hall so that the activities of the peahen can be monitored (without her knowing about it)

Best of Luck Mrs Peahen!!

Mr.Samar Singh of World Pheasant Association took the opportunity to educate the nature group more about the National bird. A slide presentation on the Blue peafowl by Hemant Misra and a screening of “Sarang the Peacock” by Dr.Susan Sharma was organized to a group of enthusiastic nature group members of IIC, on 27 May 2007.

( Photographs of peahen and eggs by Hemant Misra)

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