Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Bear Conservation and Protection
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6/18/2007 Moderator: Kartick Satyanarayan


Sloth Bear The Sloth Bear is used by Kalandar Communities in India for bear dancing, However the Kalandar communities in Pakistan also use the

Himalayan Black Bear for Dancing as well as Bear Baiting practices …

Sloth Bear Yes - it is possible that there could have been such brutal sports in Europe as well. Eastern Europe to this day has Dancing Bears. …..

Esskay But then Europe is far more aware. The last issue of RD in fact carried an article on how a whole town got together to bid good bye when two of its last dancing bears were being released into wilderness ….

Vasudha Esskay, releasing animals back into the wild is I think a scientific process that is to be done with careful thought and planning ………….

Susan The line between animal conservation and animal rights is blurred ………………

Sloth Bear Also we could make a copy of the Video "The Last Dance" available for your members if they would be interested. ……………

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