Thursday, August 20, 2015

IWC Posters

At, we brought out two posters one about the Tiger and another one about pheasants, to create awareness about these little known, but beautiful birds of India.

The tiger poster subtly brings out the fact that the slogan "Save Tiger" takes on meaning only when we are willing to LISTEN to the tiger.   His needs are, diverse and plentiful prey base, territory and forest cover.   In short, biodiversity conservation is at the root of tiger conservation.  Creating awareness about the need to conserve our bio diversity is the mission of

The second poster is about a group of birds called pheasants, a family to which our National Bird belongs.  While the peafowl is protected and cases of poaching/hunting are rare, the others and lesser known pheasants are getting rarer and are probably on the verge of extinction.  The misnomer "game birds" attached to these birds does not help matters either.

We have brought out both these posters in the form of T-shirts which you can buy at our store

Buy them at a discounted price valid till September 11.   The coupon code is IWC150 for obtaining a discount of Rs 150 on the listed price.  Buy these T shirts and also choose from a large number of other designs which are available in our store now.

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