Sunday, July 11, 2010


Feral cats are descended from domestic cats but are born and live without human contact. Any environment that sustains people can sustain feral cats, who are known to have thrived in urban, suburban, and rural areas in all parts of the civilized world.

Feral cats may be apex predators in some local ecosystems.

Feral cats can be effective hunters of small animals.

Felidae is the biological family of the cats. Felids are the carnivores. The most familiar felid is the domestic cat, which first became associated with humans about 10,000 years ago, but the family includes all other wild cats including the Tiger.

With the above background knowledge, when I saw mother cat training the younger one in the art of holding a prey down, I had to record the event even if it meant shooting through a glass!

See the video at

Cats can be wild too! Feral cats are descended from domestic cats but are born and live without human contact. Cats belong to the family ' felids', with strong, flexible bodies, quick reflexes, sharp retractable claws, and teeth adapted to killing small prey.
Here the mother cat is teaching its young one how to hold on to prey just caught. The play of motherly affection interspersed with strict injunctions made this video interesting. This was shot through a glass partition separating the lawn from my house.


Kannan said...

Good post.

Kannan said...

Good post.

IndianWildlifeClub said...

Thank you, Kannan.

Hachi said...

I know several feral cats in my neighborhood, we sometimes feed them when they come around, in oakland

IndianWildlifeClub said...

Thank you, Hachi. Cats do help us connect with the animal kingdom.

Shiju Sugunan said...

I just bumped into your blog and the stuff you're posting is very interesting. I will be back for more.

IndianWildlifeClub said...

Thanks, I am inspired to write more often!