Thursday, May 13, 2010

It is hot 40 degrees plus in May

garden lizard

Weather has been rather unpredictable-with temperatures going up almost every day with brief preludes of showers. Much like the chameleon who is half rusty and half brown, we have got used to the hot and hotter days interspersed with mild showers.

The butterfly population has been low, with the rare specimens making a brief appearance immediately after a shower. I was surprised to see the striped tiger resting on my chinese orange plant one day. Last year I had spotted plain tiger butterflies but not the striped one. Nature never fails to amaze in my small back garden!

Striped tiger butterfly

The newly born (?) butterfly also appeared immediately after a rain

unidentified butterfly

The blue jays are not yet seen here though I am sure they are just waiting in the wings for the right temperature in the environment.

The cackling babblers appear in large numbers every morning and I have a vague suspicion that many larvae are ending up as food for these sharp eyed birds.


Ashwin Baindur said...

Hi Susan,

Very nice! The Plain Tiger and Striped Tigers being Danaids are unpalatable in both larval and adult stages. So its unlikely that they are being preyed upon.

Here's another "hot garden" post for you to read (from my blog) :

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