Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Housesparrow Day

Why celebrate a house sparrow day? Because, the lowly but sturdy sparrows are a good indicator of bio diversity and their decline in urban areas is proof that we have succumbed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, not only in agricultural fields which are around us but also in the small kitchen gardens next to our homes.

20th March 2010 was celebrated as the first Worldhousesparrowday. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit unveiled a nest box for sparrows made by "NatureForever" while Mr. Asad Rahmani of BNHS looked on.

That the Chief Minister of Delhi spared time for the cause is proof that organic gardens in and around our homes must show the way for sparrows. The CM herself has converted the compound of her bungalow to a "Green Canopy" open to public for nature trails. Fruit bats outside the CM's house kept a caophony going at the inaugural function held at her residence.

Write-up about fruit bats at the interpretation Centre at 3, Motilal Nehru Place

Mrs. Barack Obama hosting organic lunches for children from produce of her kitchen garden made news recently. Realization is dawning worldwide that we need to say no to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to protect ourselves, if not the sparrows. Sparrows are but an indicator of what is in store for our future generations.

The vermi compost pit

Sheila Dixit's organic garden

Ms Lima Rosalind explaining the digital kiosk at the interpretation centre to a visitor.


lotusleaf said...

Sparrows which were a nuisance when I was a child, have become a rarity now. You can still see them near some temples.Good to know that powerful people are taking interest in organic gardening.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent idea and project especially to make people of all ages aware of our environment and how fragile it is. Thank you for posting this.

Julie said...

I didn't know Mrs. Obama was doing this! How awesome!!! I cannot ever bring myself to use pesticides...I am happy to hear of the pushes toward organic, for sure!!! Thanks for coming by my blog. Will have a look around here, on yours!!! Have a happy day!

Kay said...

what an interesting blog! I didn't know about Housesparrow day or what it signifies.
I am so pleased to find a blog that shows me a yard in a different part of the world. I will be following your blog with interest!

Fern Hotels said...

Sparrows are really wonderful creatures. Although hardy, these avian beings are having a tough time coping with rapid urbanization. We had in fact, recently blogged about this issue. Have a look!