Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flower power to beat the heat

Temperatures are soaring from 42 degrees Celsius ( 108 degree Fahrenheit)to 46 degree Celsius(115 degree Fahrenheit) in Delhi and Chandigarh. It is a struggle to keep the garden smiling. The Mayflower bushes bloom with their smooth pink flowers.

The Zenia blooms of various shades remind us that these hardy flowers do not mind the soaring heat. But the Lily flowers bloom at 5 AM in the morning and wither away before 9 AM in the morning. Their flower petals are fragile and cannot bear the heat.

The North west monsoon seems to have given this part of the world a go-by. Ladies Fingers oblige in the kitchen garden with a good show; but the spinach, coriander, beans and others which have sprung up from the earth during the monsoon drizzle, threaten to die away if the rains refuse to come.

The tailor birds, sun birds and white eyes are getting impatient to start their nests.

We are all waiting for the rains.

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